That Sweet Summer Sweat

That Sweet Summer Sweat

Non-Toxic Deodorants for Summer

When it comes to catching a whiff of body odor, we all prefer to smell sweet instead of sweaty! The temperatures are getting warmer and sweating is a totally natural function. When you sweat, your pores open and release the grit and grime that has built up inside of them. Sweating is also a natural detoxifier for your body. Not only does sweating make us feel lighter and brighter [we all strive for that glow!], it also helps regulate your body temp. So, it IS truly sweet to sweat! Now, how do you stay smelling sweet while doing it?  Many antiperspirants use aluminum to physically block the sweat gland, which assist in smelling sweet, but also has adverse health effects. According to the National Cancer Institute, Aluminum-based compounds are used as the active ingredient in antiperspirants. These compounds form a temporary “plug” within the sweat duct that stops the flow of sweat to the skin's surface. So where does that leave today’s sweaty woman?

The trend of aluminum free deodorants that work has been picking up momentum. While some natural deodorants have been known to leave stains, cause rashes, and quit working halfway through the day, there are a select few aluminum-free natural deodorants that have ridiculously high reviews, because they work just as well as the commercial brands to leave you smelling and feeling fresh all day without the nasty side effects.

Here are five of our most loved natural deodorants:

1.   Primal Pit Paste

Made from all-natural ingredients (yes, you will recognize and be able to pronounce everything), you just lightly slather this natural deodorant under your arm pits like anything else you’ve worn and you’re set for the day. Unless you’re planning super strenuous activity, that is. Then you might want to reapply a little more.

It’s definitely a completely different feel than regular deodorant. You actually have to hold the stick under your pit for a few seconds for it to warm up, then rub just a bit (not a lot like you might be used to). And it’s a little tacky and doesn’t dry out, which does feel weird at first.

The scents are more natural, so think lavender vs. “Shower Fresh Feeling,” which can take some adjustment if you prefer perfume. 

You can order Primal Pit Paste from their website or at You’ll definitely want to do a skin test first, as the product does contain essential oils and baking soda that some people do have a reaction to.

2.  Bali Secrets

Bali Secrets natural deodorant is one of the more popular aluminum-free deodorants out there. It’s got a very short list of very great ingredients that help to naturally moisturize and reduce bacteria, and it holds up against everything — gym days, humidity, nervous sweating, you name it.

3.  Organic 101 Cedarwood Spice Deodorant

In addition to skipping the aluminum, Organic 101cedarwood spice deodorant is also USDA-certified organic. It’s made with essential oils to work alongside your body, counteracting smells, and keeping you feeling fresh. People especially love that it smells incredible and works well, despite that it feels gentle on skin.

4.   Stank Stop Deodorant

his awesome Stank Stop deodorant utilizes naturally antibacterial coconut oil to neutralize odors under your arms. It’s also got really moisturizing ingredients that keep your underarms feeling smooth (if you shave your under-arms, some post-shave love, perhaps?), and a little goes a very long way to keep you smelling great.

5.   SoapMe All Natural Deodorant

This SoapMe all-natural deodorant is made by a small Florida based business, and the reviews have been really high. It uses all pronounceable ingredients instead of the parabens and toxins, and because it contains no GMOs, gluten, or soy, it’s a good alternative for people with allergies. It’s really effective as far as keeping odors at bay, and it works even in the most hot and humid environments.

Obviously, these products won't stop you from getting damp armpits when you're sweaty - no deodorant will - but we don't think that's a big deal. We're human, right? Smelling good is the most important thing, and on that front, these deliver!

Let us know YOUR favorite all-natural deodorant and share the new and improved take on sweet sweat!

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